1. Anonymous said: Are you legit 18? Because you look at least 20. #nooffence intended

    Nah man, I’m lying.


  2. Anonymous said: Your too hot to be in a hc band



  3. Anonymous said: Why'd highways break up? i loved hero!!!

    Because I was like 12!!! Lol


  4. Anonymous said: How old are you?



  5. Anonymous said: fuck off, look how pretty you are.

    Mad, thank xo


  6. Anonymous said: Euro babe



  7. My inbox consists of 3 different types of messages.
    1. I wanna fuck u
    2. Compliment
    3. Fuck you you’re a bitch I hate you blah blah blah


  8. Anonymous said: What year were you born?



  9. Anonymous said: Your voice is sexy. Let me fuck you



  10. Anonymous said: I see you around a lot, but we arent friends or anything I just think you seem really nice and kinda cute and I want to take you out but I think you're too good for me so I don't think I ever would or could. Have a nice day!



  11. Anonymous said: You seem happy lately

    I AM

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  13. Anonymous said: You're a stuck up fucking bitch lol

    Oh cute :-) xo

  15. Xoxo