1. I am gin n juice


  2. Comfortably numb

  3. FRUITY!!!

  4. Today.

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    Femme II (Nadia au menton) Henri Matisse

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    "A special Ann-Sofie Back" | Ekaterina @ Models1 Photographed by Piczo and Styled by Naz & Kusi for Novembre Magazine

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    Marc By Marc Jacobs, NYFW SPRING 2015

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  10. Anonymous said: I'm a write off, definitely not worth your time and I'm just about to fall asleep!

    Don’t be too sure.

  11. Aesop has me happy tonite


  12. Anonymous said: Both eyes, I'm ridiculously tired

    Well thank you, that is really sweet. Pls feel free to come off anon I’m bored


  13. Anonymous said: Hope you have had a nice night babe

    Thanks I have


  14. Anonymous said: You're the most beautiful person I have ever laid eye on.

    Just one eye though

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