1. Tomorrow my modelling agency is arranging for me to get my hair done, then I have a shoot on Aug 9th and then I was supposed to have another shoot on Aug 16th for a hair salon but IM IN MELB GR8


  2. Anonymous said: why is melbourne nice?

    Because of $4 pizza and mad af transport and friends


  3. After how sick my weekend was, I have booked more flights back to Melb on 14-18 of Aug lmao

  4. This kind of sums up my weekend B-)

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  6. Getting nawty with my girl alexishepburn


  7. Anonymous said: What type of foundation do you use? Your skin is flawless

    Having a bad skin day so THANK YOU!!! I use LancĂ´me

  8. Happy?????????

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  12. 5 star hotel with king size suite in Melb

  13. :~)

  14. My weekend thus far :-)