1. Melbourne is a pretty city.


  2. Anonymous said: not surprised you got picked up by a model agency, your beautiful


  3. New face with London MGT. Excited is an understatement.

  4. Happy Birthday @disintegrationxvx 👅👅👅


  5. I am in Melb on Thursday morning and am there for 4 days :-) gr8

  6. kingofcouture:

    DIOR par Raf Simons | FW 2014/15

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  8. mbaquerizo:

    williamsburg water front , 2013

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  9. f0rgetmenott:


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  10. Last night with my main G’s

  11. Brekkie this morning with A

  12. Born Free x Mood Swing x Time Crisis x Sundial x Controlled x Upperground SYD

  13. Chicky babes

  14. Upperground


  15. I miss my boy short hair. Considering fuckin wit it again